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What is Parse?

In my last post about Syntax, I mentioned Parse. That inspired me to create this post “What is Parse?”

You can parse words when working on a document/contract to show the fraud of the grammar.

What is Parse? What is meant by Parse?

Parse pertains to parts of speech or words. Every word is formed of syllables, each syllable has its own meaning. When you parse a word, you get the factual meaning of the term rather than what it says in a dictionary, which is frequently, contrary to what people been brainwashed to believe that word means.

A very good case in point is the word ABORIGINAL, straightaway you can see the word ORIGINAL is the root of the word and the AB has been added to it. The AB is a prefix. All prefixes modify the root word. If you modify the fact you get fiction, purgery, lies, fraud etc. If you look at the words ABNORMAL and ABSENT, you know that the prefix AB means NO. The AB of aboriginal means NO. So, the word ABORIGINAL when you parse the word means NO ORIGINAL. This is how the Origine peoples had their lands stolen. If you stand up saying “I’m an Aborigine” you are saying I’m not an origine/original.

Here is another parse of a word:


Have you seen that word in Court documents?

The picture below is from the Syntaxing by the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER of family court documents.

What is Parse?

Aviva and Insurance

This next paragraph is a quote from a friend: “Parse = parts of speech usually broken down in the syllables of words and affected by the prefix or suffix of a word. For example – viva in Spanish means living or to live, so when naming their insurance company do you really think AVIVA were unaware of what that word meant? As in Latin an A(or another vowel) before a word negates the word that it’s attached to and means the opposite of, so AVIVA now becomes ‘without life’. Interesting Name for a Life insurance broker.”

Let’s look at the parse of the word INSURANCE.


“Only 8% of Insurance claims on planet Earth are paid out.” This was told to me by the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER – rest in peace DAVID.

Websites I useWhat is Parse? etymonline.com

When looking at the parse of a word I use these websites to look up the parts of the word and the etymology.

Etymology – late 14c., ethimolegia “facts of the origin and development of a word,” https://www.etymonline.com/

If you need help with the syllables enter the word here: https://www.howmanysyllables.com/


Parse is another tool with Syntaxing, you can use when showing the fraud of the contracts, court documents, bank documents and any number of other things that can be shown as fraud.

If you have any feedback about Parse, and my post here or any questions about this topic, please leave your comments below.

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