Welcome to the Source page of my site, a personally curated list of websites/apps/projects to make your life easier and to make you more money.

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I use all these companies’ products myself.

Mining Bitcoin with CryptoTab Browser  cryptotab browser sources

I mine Bitcoin(Satoshi’s, parts of Bitcoin) on my computer using CryptoTab browser, while browsing the Internet and working online it mines Bitcoin. Install the browser, browse the internet as you do and the browser mines bitcoin at the same time. Use my link to join my pool and then invite your friends etc to join your pool. This increases your mined bitcoin. Click here to learn more

crypto.com logo sourcesEarn Interest on CRYPTO.COM

I hold Bitcoin in the CRYPTO.COM wallet/app and earn interest at 4.5% on that, and that interest is in Bitcoin. This app allows you to hold various coins and earn a yield on them. I have a debit card with crypto.com and this card gives cash back in the form of a cryptocurrency called CRO with all my purchases using it. When I top up my phone credit using the app I receive CRO as cash-back. I can send Gift cards to people and receive cash-back on those. If you stake the CRO coin in the app, you can increase the percentage of rewards and cash-back received. The app can also give you the monthly fee back when you have paid for Spotify and Netflix. Click here to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $25 USD.


stormgain logoSTORMGAIN (iPhone/Android)

I am mining Bitcoin on my iPhone and 15 Android (6+) phones using an app called STORMGAIN. You have to mine $10 worth of Bitcoin first, and then                                                                       whatever you mine on the phone you can then use to trade with and any profits you make, you keep the profits. You can also add funds to trade with too.                                                                       Click here to sign up and Install the app.