For this post is for the learning of the LIVE-LIFE-claim(template) created by the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER for the benefit of mankind.

Education of the Live-Life-Claim

For the education of the Live-Life-Claim is with the sight of the YouTube-video-seminar with the title :David-Wynn: Miller &: Russell-Jay: Gould-~2016. (at this time marker: :David-Wynn: Miller &: Russell-Jay: Gould-~2016. )

What you the claimant needs

You must have two witnesses who are Live-Life claimants, autograph and thumbprint on your Live-life claim. However, if you do not know any Live-Life claimants, what you do is find two others to witness your claim and all three of you witness each others claims.

Signature or Autograph signature Live-Life-Claim

Your witnesses and you the claimant do not sign the claim, it must be Autographed. “What’s the difference?” you may ask. A signature is written in cursive writing, joined up writing – curse means of the dead. You know this-most if not all signatures are not legible. I remember at school being forced to write in joined up letters and I remember a teacher getting angry with me about it.

What is an Autograph?Autograph Live-Life-Claim

An autograph is your graph of your autonomy. Each letter is written clearly and not joined to the next, you also punctuate the autograph correctly with colons so as not to make it an ADJECTIVE-PRONOUN fiction. – making it a fact.

My autograph when written on the paper would look like this :Leon: Edwards. If you have middle names then you join them to the first name with a hyphen. Here is an example :John-Smith: Doe. I use blue ink as that’s Maritime, that’s the mechanics that I study as well. Maritime/Admiralty, for the safe navigation of my vessel-body.

$1 £1 €1 Stamp/Red Fox Stamps

For the claim has to have a stamp on the top right corner putting the claim-vessel-document with the Post office, post office becomes like a third party on the contract, the overseer of the contract, and all contracts on planet Earth. You autograph through the stamp making you the Postmaster of that vessel. All vessels must have a flag/contract on it. On the live-life claim we use the QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-FLAG.


For the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER’s study guide contains the template to create your own LIVE-LIFE claim, you do not need to purchase the claim and you do NOT need permission from anyone to make the claim, you do not need a particular autograph on the claim.

For the Breach/Treason of the Russel-Jay: Gould.

Please watch this video with the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER talking to the Iolanda: Menino and myself about the “betrayal” of the Russel-Jay: Gould: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnWDV3MecBE. Here is the Russel’s entry on the global actor’s database: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11842984/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

If you would like to purchase the PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-STUDY-GUIDE please visit this page on this website:


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