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How to SYNTAX? What is SYNTAX?

This How to syntax post is my opinion. This is how I clarify Syntax in my mind. Please, if you feel something is not correct in this post or you could better my knowledge, please share this in the comments as I’m constantly learning and consistently want to better my knowledge.

How to syntax?

If you are new to Syntax this post could help you. If you are a student of the Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar technology of the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER, read on.

What is Syntax? :Leon's Syntaxing How to syntax

Syntax is applying a numerical interface known as the Syntax key to the words on a document. By using this Syntax key, you are showing the fraudulent grammar in the structure of the sentences, how the words colour, modify, create opinions, and change facts into fiction or Verbs – something just in your head or Poetry.

After the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER publicised his knowledge – his technology shows the corruption of all languages on planet Earth and how they are all AILING, which means corrupt from the start, and once you have knowledge of that – you can see all writings, all contracts, texts, books – everything written [if not written in correct-grammar] on planet Earth is using FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE OF LANGUAGE which comes under TITLE 18 SEC 1001 https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/1001

When you apply the syntax key to the words in the document/contracts, it shows the FRAUD. You will see that the author wrote it using fraudulent grammar, knowingly or not knowingly. I know I was brain-washed to write this way but I didn’t know it was corrupted until I learned through the study and viewership of the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER seminar videos on the internet and the study of the DAVID’s STUDY-GUIDE and the Quantum-Grammar Technology.

Within the pages of the QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-STUDY-GUIDE and on the DAVID’s website, link below, you will find the Syntax key. The syntax key explains what each number means, for each number signify’s what type of word the word is to its placement in the sentence. This in turn modifies each word. For the DAVID discovered the mathematical interface, he gave the type of word a number. I’m not going to go into how this interface came to be, please study the seminar videos to learn the history.


How to Syntax?

I suggest you watch/study the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER’s seminar videos and study the sections where he syntaxes words on the screen. In the world of fiction/babel languages on planet Earth, you will find conjunctions, adverbs, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, past-time words and future-time words. You will not find correct grammar or mathematically correct grammar which is Position-Lodial-Fact sentences-5-6-7.

When I syntax documents/contracts I read across the sentences from left to right and if it gets difficult I work backwards, I place numbers above the words to show what type of word they are and how they are modifying the next word. The types of words are listed below and the number given. I also show if those words are past-time or future-time words.

Types of words and their syntax key value:

Conjunction AND and OR are with the value of 0/zero.

An ADVERB which is a modifying-action word, changing-fact is with the value of 1/one.

A VERB is an action word, a thinking word with the value of 2/two. (poetry, which is all in your mind is a verb).

An ADJECTIVE, a word that colours the facts is with the value of 3/three.

A PRONOUN, pro=prefix-no, no=no, un=no, no contract word, a word that stands alone is with the value of 4/four.

For words that are in the past-time, ending in ED the word is with the value of 8/eight.

For words that are in the future-time, for example LATER or WILL the word is with the value of 9/nine.

Particularly in a contract, you cannot make contract with somebody in the past or the future, there is only the now-time. In the fiction babel, in the structure of sentences, you find groups of words/word scenarios. ADVERB-VERB is a very common one – which if using the values would be a 1-2. Here is an example: THE PEN. The word THE in a dictionary is stated as an ARTICLE and an article modifies the NOUN, we were brainwashed to think facts are nouns(no-no). So, an article is a modifier which is what Adverbs do, they modify the next word, so in our example, PEN is modified by the word THE into a verb.

Other word scenarios

Other word scenarios or word groups that occur in fiction land are






4 = PRONOUN (words that standalone)


When I am syntaxing a document/contract I stamp on the pages the key for showing what the meanings of the numbers above the words mean. I had a stamp made:SYNTAX KEY How to syntax


1= Adverb      8=Past-time

2=Verb           9=Future-time

3=Adjective  0=Conjunction

4=Pronoun   NC=No-Contract

I also write/and or stamp on the documents the Acts/Statutes/Titles/Codes based on my current knowledge level, which have been broken by the fraudulent grammar.

What is Parse?

When working on a document/contract to show the fraud of the grammar, you can also parse words. What does parse mean? Parse means parts of speech or parts of words.


If I’m looking at the parse of a word I use this website to look up the etymology and the parts of the word – late 14c., ethimolegia “facts of the origin and development of a word,” https://www.etymonline.com/

Tips to get you started.

If you’re starting out on this journey to learn Syntaxing, I have some tips and suggestions for you.

Take a photocopy of the original document you want to syntax and work on. Have some different coloured pencils with you and colour the prefixes. What’s a prefix you ask, look at this word ABORIGINAL, the root word is ORIGINAL, and the AB has been added to the root word this is the prefix. So, colour in the AB. If you modify the root word or the fact by adding a prefix you have modified it. All prefixes mean No, negative, negation, or away from. Therefore, changing the word’s meaning. So Aboriginal means NO ORIGINAL. This is how the Origine peoples lost their lands but that’s another story! So, colour in all the prefixes.

Next, you could colour in with a different colour pencil all the words ending in ED or any other past-time word. You could then colour in all the future-time words. Doing this will help your brain become more forensic.

Showing Fraud

Now that you have coloured in as much as you can see, you could next point out the word THE at the beginning of sentences as an adverb placing a 1 above it, I use blue pen when syntaxing documents to separate from the black text on the document/contracts. Just by pointing out the ADVERBS on a document/contract you have shown fraud on the document – adverbs modify – that is enough to show fraud. Fraud is fraud whether it’s the 1600s, the 1800s or whenever, when the fraud begins at the start everything after that continues the fraud. So, the whole document has been shown to be a fraud.

Let’s Syntax

Let’s syntax this sentence: THE GUN IS BIG.

THE1 [adverb-modifies the next word] GUN2 IS1 BIG2


Gun is a verb in this sentence! How can a gun be a verb?! But this is how we were educated/brainwashed to write and think!

The word Gun in the above sentence is not a fact. The gun in the above sentence has been modified into a verb, gun is a verb in this sentence structure!

This brings us to the oath all lawyers, judges and other court staff on planet Earth say to join the BAR ASSOCIATION “NO LAW OR FACT SHALL BE TRIED IN COURT.”


This post was put together in a rudimentary way for those starting on this journey.

If you purchase the QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-STUDY-GUIDE from me and have a live-life claim, I have a study group that meets twice a week over Zoom and we study the technology and also syntax documents on screen together as a group, the opportunity is there to join.

Are you in need of syntaxing of your documents I provide that service with a fee – please contact me in the Private and: Confidential at this email: ledwards@protonmail.com

If you have any feedback about Syntaxing, and my post here or any questions about this topic, please leave your comments below.


If you would like to purchase the book of the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER, the PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-STUDY-GUIDE please visit this page on my website:


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    THE MUSICAL GLOBAL (band) LABEL(name) IS “Love is Truth?”

    /// if I put my band name as a question, is it NOT fiction/babel? it is fact?……also this is me in my garage with a nylon string guitar plucking like a meek man with a cold beverage, so there is no legal implications other than my cat licking itself ,haha….anyways amigo, I appreciate all of your shares and cares!

    1. Hello :Dustin

      Thank you for your comment here.

      Love4 is1 Truth2 – Pronoun Adverb Verb.
      It does not matter about the question mark.
      The word Love is standing alone, is truth is an incomplete (pre)positional phrase. so it becomes an adverb-verb scenario.

      :Leon: Edwards.

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