:DAVID-WYNN: MILLER PDFPeople are emailing, asking for me to send them a “:DAVID-WYNN: MILLER PDF” of the Quantum-Grammar study guide.

Study Guide

For the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER gave the Iolanda: Menino and myself permission to provide his QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-STUDY-GUIDE in hard copy only. For the DAVID did not talk about us providing a PDF of his book, his instructions are clear. You can see that here in our video on YouTube: Buy :DAVID-WYNN: MILLER’s Book.


For the DAVID’s website link is https://www.dwmlc.com/ . Whoever is controlling the website after DAVID’s passing has removed all the links down the left side of the website. If you use the search function it gives no results. There is a copy of DAVID’s website at this location: https://www.dwmlc.net/ – I noticed that this website did not contain the sections on Insurance. A member of the study group I am in, found the archive of the DAVID’s website on the web.archive.org website. Archive of the DAVID’s website where you can see and study the sections on Insurance.
Insurance Fraud

If anyone has the syntaxing that was uploaded to the website available, please get in touch as I would like copies. Sadly, I was unable to download them from the archive link given above. Maybe I am doing something wrong, if you can download them please get in touch. Please watch my video with the DAVID talking about Syntaxing the Insurance Policies: Syntax – Insurance Policy with the Chief-Federal-Judge: DAVID-WYNN: MILLER.


Sergey VorobyovSergey Vorobyov Scammer emailThere is a website called davidwynnmillerbook and it is run by a man named Sergey Vorobyov and this is a photo of him. For the DAVID’s only website when he was alive was www.dwmlc.com. This man brought a book from DAVID and published videos on YouTube about the book and the business card. Soon after the DAVID passed away, he began advertising in the comments below his videos that he had DAVID’s book available as a PDF and the fee for a copy of it.

Please be aware this man does not have permission to sell the book. He is selling a photocopy of his own purchased book, a 2012 edition. In August 2020 he emailed me to purchase a copy of the 2017 edition. The man is a scammer. The 2017 edition is the last edition the DAVID produced before he passed away.


:Iolanda: Menino and myself :Leon: Edwards will not be providing a PDF of the DAVID’s study guide because that is not what he wanted.

Please watch this video for the full conversation with the DAVID about the book: [“Buy his book-FULL CONVERSATION-4th Video”] :DAVID-WYNN: MILLER’s PARSE SYNTAX GRAMMAR STUDY GUIDE

If you would like to purchase the Quantum-Grammar study guide please email: ledwards@protonmail.com in the Private and: Confidential.

Please let me know where you found my email. Thank you.

 Please visit :David-Wynn: Miller’s Book


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