This is the Crypto page of the website. I enjoy the crypto space, its exciting, new and there is incredible opportunities available to those who want them.

What is Parse? :DAVID-WYNN: MILLER syntaxing
In my last post about Syntax, I mentioned Parse. That inspired me to create this post "What is Parse?" You Read more
syntax syntaxing
This How to syntax post is my opinion. This is how I clarify Syntax in my mind. Please, if you Read more
For this post is for the learning of the LIVE-LIFE-claim(template) created by the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER for the benefit of mankind. Read more
SmartFOX nft token
I bought an NFT token, I invested in my first NFT. A SmartFOX NFT. What is an NFT token? What Read more
Ledger Nano S Review This is my Ledger Nano S review of the hardware wallet. Product: Ledger Nano S Price: Read more
:David-Wynn: Miller Live-Life Claim On the internet there are people saying the only way you can have a Live-Life claim Read more
:Santiago-David-Menino: Edwards and Father :Leon: Edwards
Happy 6th Birthday my son :Santiago-David-Menino: Edwards. I love you. Wherever you are I pray you are safe and healthy. Read more
:DAVID-WYNN: MILLER PDF People are emailing, asking for me to send them a ":DAVID-WYNN: MILLER PDF" of the Quantum-Grammar study Read more
Stake your crypto coins for passive income. To earn passive income is to stake your crypto coins. There is so Read more
What is Bitcoin all about?
What is Bitcoin all about? This post has come about because the Iolanda: Menino asked me "What is bitcoin all Read more
Are you a crypto newbie? crypto newbie
Are you a crypto newbie? Are you a Crypto Newbie? To help you start I have written this article. Have Read more
Wealthy Affiliate Review
This is my 2020 Wealthy Affiliate Review of the W.A.Training Program. I asked, “Is it beginner friendly?” Short and sweet Read more
Leonardo Edwards
ABOUT LEONARDO Hello, I'm Leonardo Edwards. My website is about Leonardo and his Quantum Grammar studies including the :DAVID-WYNN: MILLER's Read more